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Search Engine Marketing – A Convenient Way to Lure Customers

Nowadays, business is focused on competition. But one thing might just help every entrepreneur cope, and that is search engine marketing (SEM). As some say, it’s among the most effective business-boosting strategies in existence.

Understanding the Approach

SEM is all about increasing traffic by purchasing ads. It isn’t just a single method though. It’s a wide range of techniques geared towards acquiring customers. In fact, social media advertising (SMA) and pay-per-click advertising (or just PPC) are two key components of SEM.

An Emphasis on the Social

Social Media

These Should Be Your Best Buddies.

It’s often said that promoting a business on social media is crucial. Well, it’s indeed true that SMA helps in increasing brand recognition. So, if you want to be seen and heard, you might as well keep your social media networks up to date.

SMA is among the easiest ways of reaching out and acquiring new customers. Though this strategy can be done with a few clicks, remember to always maintain a good image with your customers. Keep your pages clean, and your services top-notch. Remember that even seemingly minor mistakes have actually ruined the reputation of established businesses.

Another great thing about social media is that it increases inbound traffic rapidly. Every social media account you use is another portal leading back to your business’ site. Of course, the more fascinating posts you churn out on social media, the more traffic you get – and before you know it, your sales are already increasing.

Looking into Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising is a good investment too. With this method, an entrepreneur pays every time the ad is clicked, during which a potential customer is instantly directed to the entrepreneur’s page. There are two kinds under this method, namely flat-based PPC and bid-based PPC.

The first works based on the agreed upon price per ad click. On the other hand, the latter involves an auction wherein advertisers compete for an advertising spot. Bid-based PPC actually allows you to save a lot, since you’re paying for a single click while generating multiple sales.

Truth be told, pay-per-click has its cons too. For one, some people are not easily converted into buyers, but you still have to pay for the click or placement. So it’s really important to choose wisely when it comes to doing PPC.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

SMA and PPC are just two of the well-known areas of SEM. Still, getting to know these two should be enough to help you decide whether SEM should be part of your next marketing strategy.



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    1. editor

      Hi Steph. It all depends on your campaign. Sometimes, It’s definitely worth it to invest in advertising.

  1. Ann Bryan

    Social Media can really help to attract more followers. Great way to promote your market there with the growing number of users of social media today.


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